Purebred Charolais beef

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Recognized for its excellence

The Charolais beef is vastly appreciated by connaiseurs for it’s extremely flavoursome meat which is tasty and tender. It is known for its quality by the ‘Label Rouge’ (red label). The rich flavour of this beef comes from its diet, which is a vegetable diet based on pasture, forage and grain fed.

Flavoursome Meat

At Beachcrest, we raise purebred and commercial Charolais Beef. Raising Charolais has been a dream of Jordan’s since he was a kid. Our cattle are put out to pasture late spring, once the grass has grown to a length that’s sustainable for the group. 

Tasty and Tendersome

We have 3 pastures that the cattle get moved around to. The cows do get a treat occasionally of rolled oats, which they will come running for. During the winter months the cows are fed hay in the barnyard.

  • Meat is known for flavor and tenderness.

  • Produces more red meat yield than Angus with less marbling.

  • Not extremely lean or overly marbled.

  • Extremely flavoursome meat which is tasty and tender.

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