Beachcrest Farms’ Petite Whole Chicken


Savor the subtle flavors of Beachcrest Farms’ Petite Whole Chicken. Ethically raised and ranging from 3lbs to 4.9lbs, it’s the perfect pick for a delightful poultry dish. Choose your preferred weight and experience Arnprior’s best.


Delight in Beachcrest’s Petite Delicacy

Dive into the genuine essence of Beachcrest Farms with our Petite Whole Chicken, ranging between 3lbs to 4.9lbs. Ethically raised on the lush pastures of Arnprior and its neighboring regions, every chicken reflects our commitment to quality and tradition. Ideal for family dinners, roasts, or barbecues, this small chicken is a testament to flavorful poultry farming. Choose from our varied weight options to suit your culinary needs perfectly:

  • 3-3.4lbs
  • 3.5-3.9lbs
  • 4-4.4lbs
  • 4.5-4.9lbs

Relish the rich flavors and succulent textures that only Beachcrest Farms’ Petite Whole Chicken can offer.

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3-3.4lbs, 3.5-3.9lbs, 4-4.4lbs, 4.5-4.9lbs