Big, Tasty Chicken from Beachcrest Farms


Beachcrest’s Big Whole Chicken, weighing 5lbs to 6.5lbs, is perfect for tasty meals. Raised in Arnprior, pick the size that fits your meal plan best.


Big, Tasty Chicken from Beachcrest Farms

Meet our Big Whole Chicken, weighing between 5lbs to 6.5lbs. Grown on our Arnprior farm, these chickens are all about good taste and quality. They’re just right for family dinners or big meals with friends. Pick from these weight options:

  • 5-5.4lbs
  • 5.5-5.9lbs
  • 6-6.4lbs

Choose Beachcrest Farms for a big, tasty chicken every time.

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5-5.4lbs, 5.5-5.9lbs, 6-6.4lbs